Over 90% of our work comes from recommendations


Dr. McNeil - Saint Andrews House Medical Centre:
“This has been a great asset to myself and the patients the obvious reason being that the room is cool, it is also an easy user-friendly system to use. It also helps to create a calm, cool & relaxing environment for myself and the patients who are attending to have some minor surgical procedures and may be worked up/anxious. I have no hesitation in recommending the system and services we have received to prospective customers.”

Hazel and Ian - Manchester City Centre Apartment:
“All I can say is ICECAP are the best! Nothing is too much trouble for them. Before we had Icecap air conditioning installed in our bedrooms and living room, we suffered terribly with sleepless nights during those horrible sticky summers! Living in an apartment surrounded by glass windows, it was often like living in a greenhouse and surprisingly cold in the winter too! The air conditioning deals with both the cold and the heat and has without doubt been the best investment that we’ve made. We wouldn't be without air conditioning again!”

Gary Dakin (Director) - D&S TEXT SERVICES LTD:
“We have an office in the town of Walkden, Greater Manchester with a large front window that, on a sunny afternoon, captures the rays of the sun causing the place to heat up unbearably. We tried having the front and rear doors open and that worked but created a mighty wind that blew the papers all over the place. The answer we thought of was air-conditioning so I called Icecap. They advised that one unit mounted on the centre section wall and piped through the rear wall would solve our problem. We accepted the advice, within two weeks the unit was fitted and it works. The sunlight still streams in late afternoons but no longer are we all being cooked, the office is now a constant temperature and remains cool with clean fresh air circulating. We have found that hot weather or not the air-conditioning actually improves the quality of the air providing us with a constant temperature giving us a pleasant and refreshing working environment.”

Alison - Cheshire Conservatory:
“Before I had an Icecap air conditioner installed in my conservatory, it was simply a greenhouse in the summer and an icebox in the winter! Since having air conditioning fitted it has become part of my home and a beautiful room which we all use, including my 3 year old daughter, whatever the weather outside. Icecap Cooling are not only professional but their standard of work is simply brilliant. They actually care about what you want and the job they do. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering having air conditioning installed within their home.”

Maurice – Building Maintenance Consultant:
“Lisa, good job done and the guys were efficient and tidy, also friendly to the staff – thanks for that.
The server room is much better now of course and your work will no doubt prevent serious faults occurring in the forthcoming long hot summer! Many thanks.”

John G. Sutton – Preston Home Owner:
“I live in a bungalow, long and wide with connecting rooms that had little air circulation. During the summer months my wife Mary and I found it became uncomfortably hot. Fans just moved the warm air from one room to the next. Icecap came and had a look at the situation, they measured the area and recommended two units, one in the large conservatory and the other in the main lounge. Fitting took less than two days. The difference is simply amazing, the Icecap Air Conditioning system has changed not only the overheated temperature but the entire air quality. In late May, when we had a hot spell, our air-con dealt with this so successfully that our daughter brought our grandson to enjoy the coolness, or so she said! The Icecap units run silent and do what they say on the box, they condition the air. Each morning we switch on the air-con and it gives our bungalow a really positive feel as all the stale overnight air is gently breezed away. Would I recommend Icecap? Yes! It has changed our sometimes stuffy bungalow into a palace of fresh cool positive air that feels simply wonderful and peaceful as beyond the summer heat swelters.”

Tony – Engineering Supervisor at ‘Premier Foods Ltd’:
“Icecap engineers always conduct themselves in a professional manner and their work is and always has been of the highest standard. Throughout their time working with us, I have found them to be respectful and compliant with our strict onsite health & safety / environmental policies, something which is absolutely essential to the smooth and safe operation of the production processes at our factory. I would not hesitate to recommend Icecap Cooling Ltd and hope to continue our long and successful working relationship with them.”

Wendy – Manchester Conservatory:
“After benefiting from the recent construction of a conservatory at home, it very quickly became apparent to our family that the installation of air-conditioning equipment was an absolute must! I researched the installation of air-conditioning facilities and following the receipt of a number of quotations, my partner and I decided that Icecap best met our needs with regards to the quality of equipment, service and maintenance facilities, installation arrangements and cost effectiveness. We found that the quality of equipment and the workmanship as well as the flexibility around access to our home was second to none. The installation and commissioning of the equipment was completed within a very short period of time and the assistance, as well as the friendliness of the installation team was greatly appreciated. As a result of our positive experiences, I would have no hesitation in recommending Icecap Cooling Ltd to meet the needs of prospective clients with regards to the installation of high quality air-conditioning equipment.”

Drs. SP Carr & P Parikh – Grosvenor Medical Centre:
“Due to the intense heat contained in our building during the summer months and our inability to keep the workforce and the computers comfortably cool we enquired about air conditioning. Icecap supplied a competitive quote and was eager to assist as soon as possible. They delivered an informative and professional service promptly. The installation of two units took 2-3 days with very little disruption. The aftercare service was very helpful with on-site visits to ensure we were happy with the installation of the system and confident in its uses, together with an option to supply annual maintenance. We would recommend the use of air conditioning during the summertime to ensure comfort of the staff and computer environments.”

Ron – Tameside Conservatory:
“Icecap Cooling were introduced to us by the contractor who constructed the conservatory. They made a separate appointment to discuss the equipment, how it worked and details of the installation with us. They made appropriate and useful suggestions on location of equipment and the routeing of pipework to minimise disturbance and ensure that the appearance of the installation was optimised. The dates for starting and completing the work were agreed and adhered to exactly. When on site the installation team were tidy, courteous and worked quietly and diligently. Overall we were very satisfied with the quality of service received, the equipment, installation work and the value for money received. We would not hesitate to recommend Icecap to others for domestic or business installation. In fact later in the year I used then again at our offices in Manchester with similar excellent results.”